Hot Robot At SXSW Says She Wants To Destroy Humans | The Pulse | CNBC ... 45min ago
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Google Just Turned a Huge Corner in the Smart Speaker Game 46min ago
When Amazon launched the Echo back in late 2014 it kicked off one of the biggest trends in tech. Almost overnight it seemed like every company wanted to get in on that sweet smart speaker action. However largely because Amazon was first to market the Echo has consistently been the top-selling smart speaker for the last three and a half years. Link Source
How Houseparty built an app so popular it was cloned by Facebook 46min ago
A new podcast debuts! Link Source
The Hamptons Oasis That Barnes & Noble Built 46min ago
Len Riggio and his wife Louise have created an art sanctuary. Link Source
There’s a fatal flaw at the heart of Trump's auto tariff strategy 46min ago
OPINION: A new Commerce Department investigation into auto imports is yet another sign that President Trump just fundamentally doesn't understand how trade deals work. His goal is a one off win but trade deals are supposed to make all parties feel like they walked away winning something. Link Source
3h ago
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Bowery Farming is growing crops in warehouses to create food like cust... 3h ago
Bowery Farming has raised $27.5 million in venture funding from a mix of star chefs and tech funds to feed the world — sustainably. Link Source
GDPR emails highlight variable advice ahead of new data regime 3h ago
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3h ago
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Suggestive Drawing Among Human and Artificial Intelligences | Nono Mar... 3h ago
I'm Nono Martínez Alonso a computational designer and architect with a penchant for simplicity. Link Source
Basic instincts 3h ago
In their adaptability young children demonstrate common sense a kind of intelligence that so far computer scientists have struggled to reproduce. Gary Marcus a developmental cognitive scientist at New York University in New York City believes the field of artificial intelligence (AI) would do well to learn lessons from young thinkers. Researchers in machine learning argue that computers trained on mountains of data can learn just about anything—including common sense—with few if any programmed rules. But Marcus says computer scientists are ignoring decades of work in the cognitive sciences and developmental psychology showing that humans have innate abilities—programmed instincts that appear at birth or in early childhood—that help us think abstractly and flexibly. He believes AI researchers ought to include such instincts in their programs. Yet many computer scientists riding high on the successes of machine learning are eagerly exploring the limits of what a naïve AI can do. Computer scientists appreciate simplicity and have an aversion to debugging complex code. Furthermore big companies such as Facebook and Google are pushing AI in this direction. These companies are most interested in narrowly defined near-term problems such as web search and facial recognition in which blank-slate AI systems can be trained on vast data sets and work remarkably well. But in the longer term computer scientists expect AIs to take on much tougher tasks that require flexibility and common sense. They want to create chatbots that explain the news autonomous taxis that can handle chaotic city traffic and robots that nurse the elderly. Some computer scientists are already trying. Such efforts researchers hope will result in AIs that sit somewhere between pure machine learning and pure instinct. They will boot up following some embedded rules but will also learn as they go. Link Source
LLNL Flow Charts 3h ago
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Amazon Alexa recorded private conversation sent it to random contact w... 5h ago
A Portland Oregon family contacted Amazon to investigate after they say a private conversation in their home was recorded by Amazon's Alexa – the voice-controlled smart speaker – and the recorded audio was sent to the phone of a random person in Seattle who was in the family’s contact list. Link Source
Why I want to stop talking about the “developing” world 5h ago
Bill Gates reviews “Factfulness” by Hans Rosling and Anna Rosling Ronnlund. Link Source
Elon Musk’s Latest Proposal: A Website Named ‘Pravda’ to Rate Media Cr... 5h ago
Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk unhappy with media coverage of Tesla Inc. said he plans to create a site to let people rate the credibility of journalists and news organizations and suggested he would name it after the former Soviet Union’s main propaganda outlet. Link Source
Marketing Firm Leanplum Triples Soho Office With Duplex Penthouse Move 5h ago
Leanplum is tripling its office footprint at 110 Greene Street after agreeing to move into the duplex penthouse space at the Soho property. Link Source
Intercom Brand Studio Posters 5h ago
We recently defined our team values at the Intercom Brand Studio. I spent a little time this week figuring out the best way to visualize these. The values were printed on our Riso and laid over exi... Link Source
What a way to win a war - Tom McRae (FLOWER BY KENZO ad) - YouTube 5h ago
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Washington Post: Breaking News World US DC News & Analysis 7h ago
Breaking news and analysis on politics business world national news entertainment more. In-depth DC Virginia Maryland news coverage including traffic weather crime education restaurant reviews and more. Link Source
PHD Comics 20th Anniversary Book Collection 7h ago
Help us celebrate 20 years of PHD Comics Link Source
Sedona Systems’ NetFusion Named Most Innovative Telecom Product of the... 7h ago
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Will Sasso Scott Wolf to Star in NBA Betting Scandal Drama 'Inside Gam... 7h ago
Eric Mabius and Lindsey Morgan also will star in the film about a professional referee who was convicted of felony conspiracy charges. Link Source
Once a startup runt Rover laps up $155 million for tech-fueled pet car... 7h ago
When Rover started seven years ago many in the startup community snickered. There was no real business model. This type of marketplace wouldn’t work. It only got off the ground because of its well-connected VC founder. As it turns out the naysayers barked up the wrong tree. Link Source
2018 Disruptor 50: No. 29 Flirtey 7h ago
Flirtey is a leading drone delivery service that works with ambulance and medical providers to deliver medicine to rural health-care clinics. Link Source
A Four-Time CEO Shares His Best Advice For Conscious Leaders - Conscio... 7h ago
With over 20 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience at purpose-driven companies Jim Barnett knows conscious leadership. He lays out his top tips for business leaders and shares what helped make his most recent venture Glint a Best Place to Work. Link Source
2018 Disruptor 50: No. 36 Pinterest 7h ago
Pinterest is eight years old and has a valuation of more than $12 billion but the San Francisco-based company denies any plans of an upcoming IPO. Link Source
NVIDIA Engagement from Priya Subramanian 7h ago
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Blockchains as Economies - Marginal REVOLUTION 9h ago
An interesting piece by Praphul Chandra on CryptoEconomics: Once you move past the speculative pricing of cryptocurrencies and ICOs Blockchains are fundamentally a way to create economies. The ability to create new tokens or currencies (monetary policy) and to distribute and allocate these tokens according to economic incentives (mechanism design) will lead to the creation … Link Source
GDAX is now Coinbase Pro – The Coinbase Blog 9h ago
Today we’re announcing that GDAX — our professional trading platform for individuals — will evolve to become Coinbase Pro. Link Source
Bringing trust back to email with Ravi Khatod - YouTube 9h ago
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eLichens lève 7 millions d'euros pour lutter contre la pollution de l'... 9h ago
La start-up grenobloise propose des services et solutions pour la mesure de la qualité de l’air sur le segment B2B. Link Source
Caffeine social livestreaming platform launches monetization for broad... 9h ago
Caffeine is a new social broadcasting platform for livestreamers and today the company is launching a new monetization system built around digital items. The new monetization system which is in a… Link Source
Agari Unmasks Global Criminal Email Rings in Unprecedented Cyber Probe 9h ago
Agari a leading cybersecurity company today announced at the FS-ISAC 2018 Annual Summit a new research report “Behind the ‘From’ Lines: Email Fraud Link Source
Crew CEO Danny Leffel On Why Empathy And Shared Understanding Is Criti... 9h ago
According to Crew CEO Danny Leffel creating a culture of empathy is critical in successful businesses as no amount of success can be sustainable unless the growing team works well together. Link Source
Ripple’s Xpring Isn’t Quite a Venture Fund—It’s More 9h ago
The company is tapping its billions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency reserves to promote the use of its crypto by providing startups grants and other non-equity deals. Link Source
MURA Dataset: Towards Radiologist-Level Abnormality Detection in Muscu... 9h ago
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Paradex is joining Coinbase! – Paradex – Medium 9h ago
We're incredibly excited to share that Paradex is joining Coinbase! Link Source
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Opportunities for Risk-Based Primary Care Providers - NEJM Catalyst 9h ago
In a world of MACRA alternative payment models accountable care organizations and Medicare Advantage plans primary care physicians have the opportunity to embrace two-sided risk-based payment models. Link Source
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